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Top Quality Gear Knobs

There are three groups of gear knobs in the UK online market at the moment. The first group are the cheep and cheerful knobs and they are mostly plastic cheep rubber and have no looks about them. Second group are the sport types that are extremely expensive and for an acquired taste.

The Third group is our products all out gear knobs are original quality from Peugeot Citroen factory the are of up most quality so for example the Zamak Gear Knob is a shiny material and has a comfortable smooth feel on the hand.

What is very important for us when customers are looking for a Gear knob is to be sure of their gearbox models, so the “Zamak Gear Knob” is 6 Speed and fits the Sporty Peugeot RCZ ( not the 2.00 Diesel ) and fits an Array of Peugeot’s and Citroen's such as the Peugeot 308 for 2013 onwards and Peugeot 3008 and 5008 from 2016 onwards.

The best is the attractive feminine pink 5 speed Gear knob.;)